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Greetings From An Entomologist!

September 29, 2009

I am an entomologist who fell in love with butterflies when they started landing on me when I was three years old.  By the time I was five years old, my parents said that I was telling everyone that I wanted to be an entomologist.  I took my first entomology classes at SUNY Farmingdale in 1969 [now Farmingdale State University, Farmingdale, NY] and was fascinated with them.  I then  transferred to the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, and earned my B.S.A. in Entomology in 1975.

I have been doing my “A Look Into The Insect World” lecture and  slide show to libraries, schools and interested groups for 30 years now.  I use my late father, Philip Bergh’s, best slides in a short talk about the growth and development of commonly seen insects.   I also talk about my general collection [mostly collected between New York and Georgia] and my Augusta area insect collection.

Over the years I have shortened the slide show and added a short talk about and my venomous insects and arthropods collection to my lecture.   I have also drawn handouts about medically important and venomous arthropods and insects found in my area to my talks, so that the families attending will have a reference sheet about what to do should they encounter any of these potentially dangerous animals.

Lately, I have been developing a Pre-K version of my talk for my youngest students.  I have been enlarging and printing slides by the topics used in Pre-K classes.  I can now show groups of insects by their colors and shapes and can show how insects camouflage themselves and how insects in various stages of their lives can look like totally different and inanimate objects.

I am very fortunate that at age 59, I have lost none of my love for insects, and each year have a new group of children that are interested in them.   It is a wonderful experience to be able to share my knowledge and enthusiasm about insects with new and returning folks each year!